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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chaplin Slapstick Video

when thinking of slapstick one of the first entertainers that came to min. When looking at the video it became apparent that due to it being filmed during the time of the silent film that it used a number of other techniques instead. The tempo of the piece is reflected by the inclusion on high tempo instrumental music that mirrors the action on screen. Dangerous situation (in this case the lion) is made more humorous by the use of exaggerated gestures and facial expressions of actors. Music also used to enhance effect of the video and crate mood. the interaction between characters e.g the dog makes the situation worse for Chaplin and his reaction to it is ammusing. Type is used in order to replace vocal dialogue of actors. music changes as lion awakens, turns more dramatic/dangerous and less about tempo (slower). The lion's reaction is not expected by Chaplin and gave him a false bravado which makes his reaction to the lion when it roars at him more ammusing.

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